Job Description

Swae is an inclusive decision-making platform combining anonymity, AI and collective intelligence to help users collectively build powerful bottom-up solutions to influence the decision-decision-making outcomes, while helping organizations unleash the creativity of their stakeholders, discover unrevealed truth, data and well crafted bottom-up solutions, so they can make more intelligent decisions around products, services, policies, and strategy. Our first product, slated to ship in Q1 2019, is a responsive web app supporting bottom-up ideation, inclusive innovation and bottom-up decision making inside some very large organizations.

We’re initially looking for a high-caliber part-time senior candidate to join our team and act as an AI / NLP Researcher & Developer. Together with the CEO and technical lead, this self directed learner will be responsible for helping build a solid NLP pipeline, identifying and integrating relevant NLP/NLU algorithms into our product, building new models, and scoping out the development of new algorithms from the ground up.

This individual will share the responsibility with the founder for developing and advancing the research behind Swale and other NLP / NLU and machine learning-based components of Swae.

This individual considers themselves an AI and NLP expert with strong computer science fundamentals and experience building and applying machine learning algorithms and libraries. They have meaningful experiences in Python, including exposure to predictive statistics and machine learning algorithms.

This versatile and can-do individual is comfortable wearing both developer and researcher hats – helping grasp problems, experimenting, building prototypes and implementing the results in C# or Python code (at least at the proof-of-concept level).

This person will make sure new concepts are implemented correctly, are scalable, and are generating the right results/accuracy thresholds.
Initially, for the first ~6 months, this individual will help us improve our beta commercial product by identifying and integrating relevant NLP/NLU algorithms into our product, building new models, and scoping out the development of new algorithms from the ground up. During this phase, this role will be “hands on keys” as well as researching, writing deploying code and building prototypes of our concepts. After this phase, we expect this position to become a full-time role and potentially have managerial implications. Having an ability to hire and bring great technical people together on a team may be an important function of this role.

Broad Responsibilities

• Researching machine learning methods to solve challenging problems like language augmentation, document summarization, concept matching, etc.
• Developing, training and running machine-learning model
• Rapid prototyping of abstract concept
• Writing and maintaining documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes, and corrections
• Helping to create reusable code and libraries for future use

• 3+ years of professional experience in machine learning and natural language processing; 2+ years of working experience in Python software development, Python Packages and Libraries
• Understanding of modern methods in NLP tasks and latest libraries, e.g. language recognition, stemming & morphological segmentation/parsing, text categorization, clustering, summarization etc.
• Demonstrated ability to translating research into prototypes and testable models (through transfer learning methodologies, etc.)
• A knack for doing more with less
• Strong understanding of the entire web development process (design, development, deployment)
• Experience with supervised and unsupervised learning
• Experience in developing projects on AWS and Google Cloud
• A portfolio of AI / NLP / NLU projects to demonstrate

• Bch/MSs in NLP, ML, TM or Computational Linguistics.
• Excellent fundamentals in computer science, algorithms, and software design
• Ability to learn new technologies or concepts quickly and independently

Extra Points
• An M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
• Passion for inclusive decision-making, decentralization, institutional, political or organizational innovation and/or governance
• Experience working in a startup environment

Key Traits
• Energized by complex problems, working with new technologies and unconventional thinkers
• Trustworthy, empathetic, and mature – ability to form meaningful working relationships
• Strong sense of ownership. No excuses attitude to getting things done (founder mentality)
• Hacker mentality; Comfortable with experimental approaches to product and feature development; enjoys prototyping, demonstrated through examples and portfolio
• Hunger for knowledge. We encounter the unknown on a daily basis 🙂
• Has track record for picking up new technologies
• Excellent communication skills


    To Apply for this position please send us your CV and cover letter.


    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Research and Development,
    • Natural Language Processing,
    • Natural Language Understanding,
    • API,
    • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning,
    • AWS,
    • Machine Learning Data Science Python R,
    • Deep Learning with TensorFlow,
    • Machine Learning Algorithms,
    • Deep Learning,
    • Artificial Neural Networks


    • $30k – $50k
    • No equity

    More about Swae What We’re Building

    The platform re-engineer’s decision making to make it more inclusive and circumvent the traditional limitations hierarchies (inherent biases, internal politics, etc.), to provide a more direct, transparent, and efficient pathway for ideas to go from the bottom to access institutional support.

    Swae anonymizes users, walks them through a methodical discovery process to articulate their idea, improves the quality of their initial idea with NLU/NLP functions, and allows the crowd to weigh in on ideas expressed anonymously, leveraging collective wisdom for efficient and meritocratic due diligence. The ideas that receive the most engagement automatically escalate up to a decision making round or feasibility round.

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