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How Swae works

The Swae platform is intuitive and streamlined, while at the same time being nuanced and methodical.

You can be sure that whatever your DAO’s need, Swae is completely results oriented. We’d love to show you how…

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high level view

A visual overview of the proposals and the decision making workflow

AI x community

Swae’s AI Editor helps DAO Members create stronger proposals


Off-chain voting finds signal from the noise

On-chain voting is coming soon


Proposals are formatted to put substance, debate and voting results all in one place.

“Swae’s active embrace of web3 technologies promises to position them excellently as leaders in idea management for the emerging decentralized tech ecosystem.


Dr Ben Goertzel



Collaboration and Discussion help refine every Proposal


Swae is outcomes oriented

Decision making is based on metrics and community voting, as well as admin review. Awards and Recognition help to give praise where it’s due…

This is just the tip of the iceberg of Swae’s feature set. Get in touch or start a free trial today to see the ways Swae can supercharge your DAO’s decision making. 


Swae can create a cycle of continuous improvement

Engaged people who see action become more engaged and create more actionable outcomes. Swae is the kerosene on that fire….

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