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We’re so incredibly proud to announce the launch of a 12-week pilot with Educatefor.Life, an experiment of the Fast Track Institute, and a global community of passionate Students, Businesses, Educational Leaders, Institutions, Investors, and others collaborators creating and testing new education curriculum and experiences that deliver more accesible, effective and personalised education solutions reaching anyone, anywhere in the world.

Over the next twelve weeks, the open innovation and ideation challenge will allow distributed teams to leverage Swae’s platform, idea discovery methodology, AI augmentation process, and open deliberation interfaces, to conceptualize and prototype future-compatible education solutions. A driving purpose of this experiment is to try to create solutions that make access to high quality education much more equitable around the world.

Leveraging Swae, those participating in the pilot aim to create and test new education curriculum and experiences that deliver more accessible, effective and personalised education solutions reaching anyone, anywhere in the world.

Launching today,March 5th, and continuing through to May 10th, 2019, the Educatefor.Life community will complete two distinct iterations of the Swae methodology.

4 Phases of the Educatefor.Life Innovation Sprint

In the first phase (Ideate), the teams will go through our idea discovery process, AI Augmentation, collaboration, and voting. They will leverage our core features to gain access to constructive criticisms and potentially overlooked unintended consequences of their idea — helping improve them substantively. In the second phase (Solve), ideas will be refined with the feedback from phase one, and will culminate into experiments and possibly prototypes to test their real-world feasibility.

Throughout the course of this pilot, the participants will be providing crucial feedback and insights to our team on Swae’s core methodology and platform functionality.

We’re incredibly excited to have this inspiring community of education leaders and thinkers “kick our tires” so-to-say, and feed into our evolving understanding of Swae’s role in facilitating intelligent, bottom-up, inclusive decision-making.

To join the innovation sprint visit:
To submit an idea of your own, visit:, build a profile and create your idea from the ground-up.

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About Swae

Swae is an AI-driven decision-making platform that helps raise the inclusivity, quality, and intelligence of decisions within organizations. The platform allows people to create decision-ready solutions from the bottom-up to contribute to key strategy, budgeting, policy, and operational decisions. By combining anonymity, artificial, and collective intelligence Swae helps organizations unleash the creativity of their stakeholders, discover new unrevealed ideas, and collectively build bottom-up solutions to strategy and resource allocation decisions, and improving overall decision quality without complexity for management.

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