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Hand the power of inspiration back to your team

Using Swae lets you give more autonomy to your team to help shape the future of your organisation, letting you work on imeplementing the ideas that matter.

Swae allows anonymous proposals, to let your team members connect with you in ways that might not be possible in a traditional boardroom setting. Uncovering un-heard ideas, and the unvarnished trush might jsut be the thing that gives your organisation the edge. 

Management Features

After logging into Swae the world is your oyster- add your game-changing proposal, or collaborate/vote on your colleague’s proposals.

Swae is completely customisable

Swae fits your organisation’s individual needs and lets you customise the process to suit your goals. 

Set your own workflows, add your own information, escalation criteria and help the best ideas organically float to the top to get the attention of your leadership.

Management Review

Simple, Efficient & Intuitive

  • Review the proposals with the most engagement
  • Collaboration, debate, and voting features act as engagement signals and crowdsource flaws and risks, improve content, and make proposal more decision-ready.
  • Engagement signals idea’s merit.
  • Managers/administrators configure workflows, set metrics and allow the ideas with the most engagement to bubble up to a decision.

Network Analysis

See how connections evolve (strengthen or shrink) across your organisation as team members interact and collaborate on ideas together.

Get a real feel of interactions within your culture to help push resources to where they are needed.

Measure your organisation’s health

Trends, Sentiment, Emotion Analysis – As users interact with the platform, your can quickly see meta-level trends about your organization’s health and sentiment, to make data-driven decisions.

Its all about having important insights and digestible data at your fingertips.

What does this mean for my organisation?

Find out the benefits of of implementing Swae here

You're in good company

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* Swae management-side features can be access via desktop/laptop- they are not responsive to mobile use: we think its gives you a smoother experience. 

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