Swae shines a light on the ideas that matter

By using AI and the wisdom of your team, Swae helps improve ideas and helps you bring the very best to the surface

Do you want decisions that are inclusive and diverse?

Do you want your decisions to be more democratic?

What you want to achieve…

Help the best ideas rise to the top based on merit

For Who?

  • CEO
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer


Corporate innovation is slow. 60% of companies said it takes a year or longer to create new products.

Corporate propensity for building over partnering or buying slows down innovation.

How Swae Helps?

1. Produce well-vetted innovations efficiently
Swae’s platform turns the will to participate into a powerful and useful resource for organizations and cities, reducing the costs of sourcing (R&D), improving, and vetting innovative solutions by 2-5x, and preserving scarce management time for more strategic value-adding functions.

2. Increase quality of ideas with the help of AI
Swae’s platform helps employees create well-written proposals with the support of AI language and evidence improvements. Swae guides users through a methodical discovery process to help articulate their solution efficiently by helping users improve their original ideas, suggesting more convincing language, underlining possible biases, and proposing evidence and examples from external or internal sources.

Once ideas are collected, the platform then improves the quality of the initial solution using algorithms which act as a proposal editor to strengthen the quality of the original idea.

3. Reduce the costs of sourcing (R&D)
Swae saves money and time without adding work for management by improving speed, agility and efficiency of ideation by fostering ideation from within.

By preserving scarce management time, allows for their effort to be placed on more strategic value-adding functions, improving speed, agility and efficiency of ideation overall.

Swae gives you continuous improvement

Swae is a repeatable process that continuously surfaces great strategy; and helps you achieve your organisation’s goals.

Benefits when you implement Swae

Swae shines a light on the ideas that matter to your organisation, and supercharges your culture to one where engagement and innovatition thrive.

Get game changing ideas

• Shine a light on the best ideas
• Benefit from a bottom-up process for strategy & innovation
• De-risk and de-bias ideas 
• Cross-cutting collaboration

Get smarter decisions

• Make decision making a smarter process using AI
• Include a wider opinion on decisions
• Identify and breakdown unproductive silos
• Access unvarnished truth

Engage your team

• Increases emotional buy in by allowing users to influence agenda
• Avoid organizational politics
• Help others gain recognition transparently

Get insightful reports

• Access insights to help improve performance and culture
• Identify and breakdown unproductive silos
• Measure the pulse on your organization’s health

Swae helps the world's best companies

transform the way they work

"By using Swae, the quality of our motions improved dramatically before they were presented to be voted on. This lead to a larger number getting passed, creating more impact for the organization."
Anne Connely
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Board Member
"Swae taught us that there are bright ideas waiting to be uncovered amongst our employees, and importantly, that they will share and engage, if provided with the right platform to do so."
Kai ling Ting
Etihad Airways
Senior Manager Strategy & Innovation
“It had a clear signal to the community, this is what we need, we want to have decisions that involve the perspectives of the community"
Darius Polak
Bosch International Alumni Center
Managing Director

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