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organizational transformation

Transformation doesn’t need to be disruptive.

Swae can help organizations transform by opening up the decision-making process, raising the inclusivity, quality and intelligence of decisions.

Are outdated hierarchies holding back your organization’s performance?

Do you think you can get more out of your workforce?

Do you think decision making can be improved?

Is disengagement a leading question on your agenda?

What you want to achieve…

Swae is the operating system for future forward companies
For Who?
  • CEO
  • Chief Transformation Officer
Key Pain?

You want to powering organizational performance through innovation. New competition, new technologies, and new opportunities are disrupting organizations daily. Despite the deep fear of knowing the organization is at risk, most continue to invest in small, incremental stuff.

The most innovative companies invest in hearing their people and creating a “culture of innovation”, so they can collect better ideas to make better decisions and manage these challenges.

How Swae Helps?

Swae’s platform includes more people in the decision making process efficiently, helping organizations get around the limitations of their hierarchies, and catalyze a culture of inclusivity and innovation.

Swae’s platform helps you hear more voices in a trusted and structured way, raising the quality and the intelligence of decisions.

Game changing technologies are inevitable.
Not every company is able to mitigate these disruptions.
Swae solves that.

Build fast moving, adaptive organizations
For Who?
  • CEO
  • Chief Transformation Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
Key Pain?

The world has changed – powerful social and technological forces are reshaping the expectations of the workforce now and in the near future. The best employees today and tomorrow want a voice and want to be heard. The best managers and organizations will want to listen so they can reap the rewards of good ideas. Traditional organizations will either need to adapt or prepare for crisis.

How Swae Helps?

By opening up the decision-making process Swae helps organizations engage beyond the futility of one-way surveys and feedback forms. Swae helps employees have a meaningful voice and participate in important and consequential decisions in a structured and efficient manner. The platform helps organizations and managers make more intelligent decisions from the bottom-up.

Adaptation doesn’t need to be disruptive. Swae can help organizations transform by opening up the decision-making process, raising the inclusivity, quality and intelligence of decisions.

Swae helps organizations adapt to 21st century expectations.

The best organizations push back on structure to improve their innovation performance
For Who?
  • CEO
  • COO
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
Key Pain?

Organizational Culture Trumps Structure
Though every organization needs some sort of formal structure, most leaders are stymied by traditional hierarchies and the silos it creates. The most high performing companies who have had the greatest success with innovation have found ways of pushing back on formal structures to prevent silos and encourage important cross-functional collaboration.

How did they do it?

By making the decision making process more inclusive.
Swae solves this.

How Swae Helps?

Swae’s bottom-up decision making process helps ambitious organizations implement a bottom-up and distributed decision making process to drive important cross-functional collaboration. The platform helps users on the front line navigating changing market conditions collaborate across functions to produce timely and powerful market insights.

The system helps leaders within organizations push corporate boundaries into the background to create an agile, open, and collaborative culture that isn’t hampered by hierarchy. The system provides the right incentives to engage.

Without Swae decisions are just as slow and just as removed from market reality as they are in a rigid hierarchical organizations.

Swae helps innovative organizations challenge their processes to make better decisions.

Opening up the decision-making process is the most powerful lever in creating an innovation culture.
For Who?
  • CEO
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief HR Officer
  • Chief Culture Officer
Key Pain?

Innovation cultures do not create themselves.
Innovation tools by themselves do not lead to innovation cultures if leadership still hangs onto traditional management practices, and command-and-control hierarchical decision-making processes.

Opening up the decision making process to be more inclusive, merit-based and transparent is one of the most powerful levers leadership can exercise in creating an innovation-friendly culture.

When people in an organization believe their voice matters, and believe in the opportunity to influence the agenda, they trust the process and engage more deeply. An engaged employee who trusts the organization invests more discretionary effort and emotional equity than the bare minimum expected. This leads them to unleash their creativity and ideas, engage with others’ ideas to improve upon them, and ultimately help shape and generate better quality ideas for the organization to select from, helping leadership make more effective decisions (from the bottom-up).

Swae-Idea-MeritocracyHow Swae Helps?

By opening up the decision making process Swae helps users that are normally excluded from participating in important and consequential decisions to have an effective voice. This helps organizations and managers create cultures that thrive on inclusivity, trust and accountability, catalyzing an innovation culture. This then helps companies make more inclusive, meritocratic, and intelligent decisions from the bottom-up, fueling organizational performance.

Swae Helps Create Innovation Cultures…

Swae gives you continuous improvement

Swae is a repeatable process that continuously surfaces great strategy; and helps you achieve your organisation’s goals.

Benefits when you implement Swae

Swae shines a light on the ideas that matter to your organisation, and supercharges your culture to one where engagement and innovatition thrive.

Get game changing ideas

• Shine a light on the best ideas
• Benefit from a bottom-up process for strategy & innovation
• De-risk and de-bias ideas 
• Cross-cutting collaboration

Get smarter decisions

• Make decision making a smarter process using AI
• Include a wider opinion on decisions
• Identify and breakdown unproductive silos
• Access unvarnished truth

Engage your team

• Increases emotional buy in by allowing users to influence agenda
• Avoid organizational politics
• Help others gain recognition transparently

Get insightful reports

• Access insights to help improve performance and culture
• Identify and breakdown unproductive silos
• Measure the pulse on your organization’s health

Swae helps the world's best companies

transform the way they work

"By using Swae, the quality of our motions improved dramatically before they were presented to be voted on. This lead to a larger number getting passed, creating more impact for the organization."
Anne Connely
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Board Member
"Swae taught us that there are bright ideas waiting to be uncovered amongst our employees, and importantly, that they will share and engage, if provided with the right platform to do so."
Kai ling Ting
Etihad Airways
Senior Manager Strategy & Innovation
“It had a clear signal to the community, this is what we need, we want to have decisions that involve the perspectives of the community"
Darius Polak
Bosch International Alumni Center
Managing Director

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