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Swae can be used in any industry, team or government seeking a paradigm change that nurtures innovation, culture and diversity.

Swae includes everyone in your team in the decision making process to surface ideas based on meritocracy and the wisdom of the crowd.

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Swae streamlines idea and input collection from stakeholders on complex decisions bringing structure, efficiency and ease to the process. 

Swae guides users through a methodical discovery process to help articulate their idea. Swae gives users the option to anonymize their identity, so they feel more comfortable expressing unconventional or sensitive ideas.

After collecting the proposal data from a user, the tool improves the quality of the initial idea with AI NLP functions, such as language improvement, bias recognition, evidence suggestion, structural adjustments, concept matching, to strengthen the quality of the original idea.

In today’s digital world, the technological capabilities exist to include as many voices as possible in decision-making, to benefit from broad collective intelligence when arriving at important, high-impact decisions.

Swae’s protocol and technology allows for mass participation that is efficient and meritocratic, without overburdening decision-makers with added work and noise.

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