Decision making is broken

Swae disrupts the 20th century top-down, hierarchical decision-making paradigm. It’s all about using your team and our AI to help make smarter, better decisions to shine a spotlight on ideas that matter.

The problem: Decision making hasn’t kept up with technology

A top-down approach bad for everyone

  • Influenced by HiPPO’s, hierarchy, power & coercion
  • Centralized & biased – Susceptible to groupthink and diminishing quality
  • Workforces are disempowered
  • Lowers levels of innovation

The vicious cycle of lost productivity

  • $500B US lost productivity
  • 70% of staff are disengaged
  • 50%+ do not trust in decision-makers (and do not engage)

A top-down approach bad for everyone

  • Status quo limits participation, progress and profit
  • Companies/governments are losing out

Under the current paradigm


Of a typical knowledge worker´s day is spent looking for and consolidating information spread across a variety of systems

Source: IDC


Inefficient contracting causes firms to lose up to 40% of Value on a given deal.

Source: Harvard Business Review


Of enterprise data today is unstructured, residing in notes, emails, files, PDFs and documents.

Source: Forbes

So why Swae?

Top down decision making, is not only biased and often inaccurate, but disempowering to the workforce.

Centralized top down decision making made only at the executive level, excludes the collective intelligence and insights within the organization.

These decisions tend to be overly influenced by the opinions of those with the most power, and include cognitive biases that although may be efficient due to time, compromises decision quality and often has has diminishing accuracy.

Swae was created out of lived experience, surviving the inefficiencies of outdated decision-making processes.

“I started Swae to help bring the power of AI and a straightforward solution to an old-fashioned way of doing things. We’ve already proved that with very little input, Swae can make a massive difference.”  Soushiant CEO

The top ideas don’t always come from the top

Its time to embrace the future of inclusive decision making. Swae is bottom-up decision making based on merit, not on influence.

Swae helps the world's best companies

transform the way they work

"By using Swae, the quality of our motions improved dramatically before they were presented to be voted on. This lead to a larger number getting passed, creating more impact for the organization."
Anne Connely
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Board Member
"Swae taught us that there are bright ideas waiting to be uncovered amongst our employees, and importantly, that they will share and engage, if provided with the right platform to do so."
Kai ling Ting
Etihad Airways
Senior Manager Strategy & Innovation
“It had a clear signal to the community, this is what we need, we want to have decisions that involve the perspectives of the community"
Darius Polak
Bosch International Alumni Center
Managing Director

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