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How to create a new Proposal in Swae

So I wanted to share with you guys how you can create a proposal on this way platform and to collaborate on other proposals on this way platform.

So if you’re someone that’s interested in also applying for the grant or a grant in this process, then you can effectively go right here to create a new proposal.

And it’ll launch you into a page where it asks you to pick which mission your submitting a proposal to if you’re trying to give us feedback on how to improve sway, then this would be that mission.

If you want to improve the deep funding program altogether, this would be that mission. And then there are a couple of other missions generated by other folks, but effectively, if you have an actual grant, then you’d pick either pool a or pool B, depending on the size of funding that you’re requesting.

Let’s just for argument’s sake, pick one of this, it launches you into an editor where you can start typing your title and go through the required questions that have been asked of you.

If there’s any attachments that you’d like to attach you, you sort of do that. And as you type, and as you sort of complete these sections, we have some AI on the right side, that’s analyzing your writing and helping you, uh, hopefully write a more effective and cleaner piece of text.

We also generate a 32nd summary for you, which you can go in change to your liking. Uh, we do grammar check as well, but the AI is really interesting.

It looks at the overall sentiment of what you’re saying, the overall emotion, uh, and the readability of what you’re saying. And, uh, once you’re ready to actually, you know, upload a lot of content, then you can also add an image which sort of prompting you to do so, and even generate a title using some algorithms that we have access to call GP T3.

Once you’re sort of ready to go ahead, you can either anonymize yourself or keep yourself as is, and then submit.

And it ends up inside this, this mission.


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