Bookmarking your Proposals & My Activity

Uh, another helpful feature I wanted to make you aware of was if you wanted to follow certain missions or if you wanted to follow certain, uh, proposals, uh, to, you know, get notifications about them and just sort of track them, uh, there’s a very helpful way of doing so.

Uh, if you see this little ribbon, uh, this is the kind of bookmarking ribbon, and you can do this on any proposal on the platform.

So if you really find something like this, uh, relevant and, uh, or, or useful, then you can sort of bookmark it and automatically it will go into your, uh, bookmark section.

So if you go into your bookmarks, you’ll see that this proposal is something that, you know, that you’re following and you will receive, um, um, you know, notification specific to changes that are happening, uh, within this.

If you want to go and change those notifications as well, you would simply just go to the settings here. And while our, you get to, uh, you get to sort of adjust your notifications accordingly.

Um, this is where those notifications are going to in this case, it’s to my email address, registered as me, and then, uh, you know, find the, the scenario that reflects the notification that you want and sort of turn it on and turn it off depending on how, whatever you like.

Um, one more thing I think to show you, uh, is, uh, if you have a lot of activity on the platform, uh, you can go and sort of see what you’ve done.

Um, in, let me just show you maybe in a more complete platform. This is our internal demo. I’ve been quite active here, and you can see here, you know, all the different comments I’ve made.

Um, you know what I actually said, whether it received an output downvote on what proposal and a link to go and see that specifically, uh, if there’s any proposals that I’ve created, uh, you know, how many of them are active?

How many are under review? How many have been accepted, declined, et cetera, et cetera. And if I had been the creator of any missions, then sort of that information would be here.

How many of them are active? How many archived, et cetera, et cetera. So, uh, lots of functionality, lots to do, but, uh, yeah.

Hope you guys enjoy the experience.


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