Why Swae

Because if you aren’t using the wisdom from within,
you aren’t making the best decisions.

Swae has been purpose-built to bring great ideas to life

It’s inevitable, bottom-up decision making is the way forward. Top-down, hierarchical decision-making is outdated and hasn’t kept up with modern culture or technology.

Swae’s platform reduces bias and brings a fresh approach to idea management and decision making so ideas thrive and collaboration and innovation leads the way, in our increasingly complex landscape.

Now is the time for inclusive ideation and decision-making

Disruption is killing mega corporations

Global trust is at an all time low

Inclusion and diversity of your workforce is a must-have

Diversity positively impacts the bottom line

Remote working has become the "new norm"

New values & Millenials have reshaped our workplace

Swae taps into the top 4 habits of inclusive organizations

Practice participative leadership

Garner wisdom from within and allow managers and employee contribute to decisions that matter.

Create a “speak up” culture

Celebrate different views and allow employees to share their perspectives without fear of retributions.

Tackle disruption head on

Proactively embrace change to find new ways to innovate their products and services.

Encourage diversity

Visibly demonstrate Senior Management support for diversity of people and knowledge within workforce.

Swae works

Investing in Swae pays off

Wisdom within your workforce


…say Swae helped them convey ideas better that other collaboration platforms they’d used or have access to

Tackle costly disengagement


…report Swae increased their engagement, motivation and happiness by helping them have a meaningful voice in decisions

Stay competitive & avoid disruption


…believe Swae surfaced ideas that would not have otherwise surfaced [using other tools or processes]

Easy collaboration for diverse teams


…say Swae made collaboration easier, and sharing ideas more accessible in their whole community

Swae shines a light on the ideas that matter

Swae is your gateway to a new way of

collecting ideas and making decisions

Combining your team and our AI powered platform, Swae harnesses trapped insights and provides the tools for the decision making process. All in an efficient, trusted, and useful way.

#1 source for finding solutions to problems and disruptions lies in your employees

From Covid-19, to increased competition, to adapting to new technologies, we’re facing daily challenges like never before. These disruptions and changing customer demands require organizations to adapt daily.  

The solutions to these challenges are at your fingertips, within your own employee base.  And Swae provides the tool for uncovering them.

If you don’t adapt, you will be obsolete. 52% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared in the last 15 years

Inclusive decision-making is your company’s super power

Leverage your diversity to fuel transformation and growth. The secret lies in tapping into your people to provide diversity of options to make smarter decisions, all without sacrificing speed.

Feeling included is the best antidote to disengagement

“…having the opportunity to feed opinions and involvement in decision making are two most important drivers of employee engagement”

Did you know top-down process is the leading case of costly disengagement?

HBR & MIT share how decision making within small, closed senior leadership teams are more prone to failure, than flat, inclusive bottom up teams.

Give your employees a meaningful voice

and reap the rewards

Swae’s engages and unites your diverse workforce through it’s unbiased, bottom-up decision-making process:


more engaged in their work.


more likely to share market ready ideas with colleagues and managers.


more likely to remain in their role for over 1 year.


less likely to be absent, than employees who are disengaged.


more productive than employees who are disengaged.

In 3 years, Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. Diversity and inclusion are top priorities when choosing employers.

Your employee’s values are changing. Yours should too.

Feeling valued matters, period. Your workforce wants a supportive environment that is sensitive to equality in race, diversity,  and varying experiences and backgrounds.

Swae enables and empowers your employees, which brings increased morale and up to 50% more retention as a consequence.

Drive performance by increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion

Swae’s platform increases inclusion and diversity of input in decisions, and boosts overall innovation. The combination of creativity, innovative suggestions and quality of arguments presented through Swae leads to better quality choices/solutions to select from, more informed decisions, and positively impacts financial performance.

Higher revenue and lower operating costs through diversity of decisions

Diverse teams develop better innovations leading to improved financial performance. Simply put, greater diversity of decision makers means you will collect more diverse inputs and solutions and catch inherent biases more accurately, leading to more objective and informed choices to select from, and better end decisions.

Diversity increases the bottom line. Companies with more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenue

If you want to hire great people and have them stay, you have to be run by ideas not hierarchy. 

The best ideas have to win.

Steve Jobs Apple, NeXT, Pixar

Swae believes in an inclusive future

We’re on a mission to hear all voices from within and unleash the power of idea meritocracy.

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