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Inclusive People Leaders

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Feeling disconnected from your employees due to low engagement and morale?

Find out what employees really think and increase engagement by 50% in just 30 days.

Want to find solutions to your biggest challenges?

Tap into your the diversity of you employees knowledge for well-vetted decision ready ideas.

Struggling to connect your global team on important decisions?

Eliminate barriers with contactless ideation to deliver successful initiatives no matter where you live.

Meet Chantelle

VP, People & Culture

Chantelle knows the most important asset to a company is its people. As a leader tasked with finding acceleration tools to support a healthy culture and employee base, Chantelle needs to continuously focus on inspiring inclusivity and personal wellbeing.

From wellness program development to understanding hidden opportunities, Swae provides the platform to easily tap into the hidden problems Chantelle’s people are facing.

Her team is engaged, and empowered to seamlessly weigh in on the ideas and initiatives that matter most.

So Chantelle can prioritize her efforts and have time to focus on what she does best– helping her people have a better quality of life.

Swae for Inclusive People Leaders

Driving healthy, happy, innovation-focused organizations

Become an inclusive organization that celebrates diversity while driving employee engagement, performance and powerful innovation with Swae’s all-in-one ideation and decision-making platform. 

Find the hidden drivers of employee engagement and reveal hidden blind spots 

Cultivate team synergy & belonging

Create deep engagement and align everyone around your mission, fostering a culture of true belonging, diversity innovation and growth.

Create buy in through a healthier culture

Uncover hidden problems your people are facing, by providing our trusted and transparent idea sharing platform creating deep connections amongst your teams & people.

Extract genius ideas within your team

Provide an all-in-one solution for your team to share ideas and build on game changing solutions for your business, together. 

Eliminate wasted time and save money

Swae’s all-in-one idea management and decision making platform means you’ll receive well-written, flushed-out ideas (no more pointless surveys!). We take on your admin, in an efficeint digital way, so you can spend your time where it matters most.

Create a Mission

Address the things that matter most to your business

Get Proposals

Your team and Swae’s AI collaborate to refine their ideas

Vote & Decide

Popular ideas rise to the top, so you can action the best of the best

Set the Mission, get great solutions

Set your employees to task on your biggest (and smallest) Missions, and you’ll be amazed by the ideation and innovation within your workforce.

Inclusive People Leaders worldwide trust Swae


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Swae delivers the

brightest ideasand solutions

for tomorrow


avg. value of innovation ideas revealed over 12 months.


increase in engagement of your your employees*.


direct cost saving ideas have been generated.


time saved by administrators managing idea generation program.


time saved by administrators managing idea generation program.


improvement in sourcing investable decisions*.

Results based on aggregated findings and impacts reports from client implementations.
*Over and above other engagement tools & approaches used.

See what our partners all over the world have to say about Swae


There is an abundance of great ideas right here in our organisation and no one knows our business better than our employees, so we partnered with Swae to give our employees the platform they need to innovate.

Tony Douglas

CEO, Etihad Airways


By using Swae, the quality of our motions improved dramatically before they were presented to be voted on. This lead to a larger number getting passed, creating more impact for the organization.

anne connely

Anne Connely

Board Member, MSF


Swae is a tool I have been hoping to see developed for many years. It dispels many of the implicit and explicit biases often seen in brainstorming exercises.

Jamie Lepard

Business Continuity Program Manager

Ciudad Juarez

Swae helped the Government increase public engagement and crowdsource relevant policy ideas efficiently to improve job opportunities and generate a positive impact in the community.

Lisbeily Domínguez Ruvalcaba,

General Director of the Institute for Innovation and Competitiveness of the Chihuahua State Government


With Swae’s support we were able to pilot a new approach for climate governance in Chile.

Cristián Retamal



There are bright ideas waiting to be uncovered amongst our employees, and importantly, that they will share and engage, if provided with the right platform to do so.

Kai ling Ting

Strategy & Innovation, Digital and Innovation

Identity North

As a former corporate warrior, I would have loved to have had this tool when I was trying to run ideation within a large corporation! Swae is an amazing resource of our community’s thoughts and ideas.

Krista Pawley

Founder & Executive Producer


It had a clear signal to the community, this is what we need, we want to have decisions that involve the perspectives of the community.

Darius Polak

Bosch Managing Director,
International Alumni Centre

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