Sourcing ideas for smart decision-making, no matter where you live

Work from anywhere with Swae. With all your ideation and decision-making tools in one place, your teams can stay productive no matter when and where they’re working. 

Did you know that a staggering 82% of company leaders will allow employees to work from home at least part-time, even after the pandemic ends?

Engaging your remote workers is more important than ever 

Give your remote workers a meaningful voice

and reap the rewards

 Smart people leaders who engage their remote workers with efficient ideation and  collaboration tools experience:


more engaged in their work.


more likely to share market ready ideas with colleagues and managers.


more likely to remain in their role for over 1 year.


less likely to be absent, than employees who are disengaged.


more productive than employees who are disengaged.

How organizations use Swae for remote work and collaboration

Strategic Planning

Employee Feedback

Innovation Challenges

Stakeholder Feedback

Swae works

Invest in Swae for remote innovation management and ideation

Wisdom within your workforce


…say Swae helped them convey ideas better that other collaboration platforms they’d used or have access to

Tackle costly disengagement


…report Swae increased their engagement, motivation and happiness by helping them have a meaningful voice in decisions

Stay competitive & avoid disruption


…believe Swae surfaced ideas that would not have otherwise surfaced [using other tools or processes]

Easy collaboration for remote teams


…say Swae made collaboration easier, and sharing ideas more accessible in their whole community

Ignite a culture of continuous innovation, even when employees are remote

Swae’s bottom-up ideation is a repeatable process that continuously surfaces great strategy. Helps your organization achieve its’  goals by allowing intelligence to move up and down the hierarchy freely, with only the strongest ideas garnering the acceptance to go to market.

Listen to and collect more employee ideas

 Eliminate silo’s and overcome barriers to sourcing 
 Build a rich innovation pipeline

Align your organization towards strategic goals

An efficient, systematic approach to collaborating & cultivating solutions remotely

Eliminate top-down bureaucratic processes and leverage your whole workforce under one platform. Swae ensures the right ideas move forward so you can transform those breakthrough ideas into results.

Empower your people with transparency

Recognize top talent

 Track metrics and progress reports in real time
Develop, prioritize and decide, all in one place

Swae is your trusted and secure choice for engaging your remote workforce

Engage your remote workers with a fully digital solution for smart listening for ground breaking ideation, all while being protected by enterprise-grade security. 

Demonstrate accountability
Tackle disengagement
Embrace a transparent digital solution
Foster trust

Set the Mission, get great solutions

Set your employees to task on your biggest (and smallest) Missions, and you’ll be amazed by the ideation and innovation within your workforce.

Swae delivers direct impact


avg. value of innovation ideas revealed over 12 months.


increase in engagement of your employees*.


direct cost saving ideas have been generated.

3 month

payback period.


improvement in time saved by administrators managing idea generation program.


improvement in sourcing investable decisions*.

Results based on aggregated findings and impacts reports from client implementations.
*Over and above other engagement tools & approaches used.

Real examples of our partners bringing innovation and idea management to life, remotely

Swae Partners with the Igarapé Institute and the UN launching a global digital consultation to strengthen international cooperation.
“Swae is a critical platform to take these kinds of debates to the next level”, he added. Swae will not just help develop new ideas, it will also ensure a high degree of diversity and inclusion in the consultation itself.”

Robert Muggah

Founder, Igarape Institute

“Swae offers the possibility of bringing together representatives at different geographic locations. Moreover, Swae helps by supporting the collective, transparent, and anonymous discussion of CCL-related ideas among all representatives.”

Dr. Iván S. Razo-Zapata

COCOA Collaborative Innovation BV

Swae’s platform was used by Adapt Chile in a digital consultation engaging the Chilean Network of Municipalities on 6 new pillars of Chilean Climate Change Law.

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