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Decision making is broken, and the problem may bigger than you may think. Swae [Sway] is a game-changing AI decision engine and innovation platform.  

Its free to get started, and with Swae at your fingertips, you can harness the power of your amazing team and our AI to grow smarter, inclusive ideas like never before.

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Swae is award winning!

Our team is very proud to announce success in the Global Challenges Foundation New Shape Prize, and Scholar in the Aspen Ideas Festival

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Why do I need Swae? Swae gives you more, higher quality decisions- helping remove the bias, bureaucracy and old-fashioned processes that stifle innovation and collaboration in many organisations. 

The 21st-Century’s decision-making platform is hereSay goodbye to the HiPPOs, and say hello to diversity, inclusivity and higher quality strategy.



Benefits of Swae

Great decisions can change your world

Swae gives you data, democracy and diversity

Get real results, fast

The modern market is tough, and successful businesses thrive on killer strategy. Swae outputs smarter strategy and bakes-in diversity into your organisation that can help you be more agile, innovative and avoid disruption.

Hand back power to the people

Supercharge your culture to one where engagement and innovation flourish, and ideas are de-risked through collaboration from across your team. Swae measures the pulse of your organisation’s health, giving actionable insights to help improve your overall performance, which can help retain and attract the top talent.

Supercharge your team using AI 

Swae is all about using AI and Collective Intelligence to grow and improve ideas to be more than they would in a traditional process. Swae promotes close collaboration between colleagues so the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ brings expertise and feasibility. 





Powered by Swae’s secret sauce

Swae’s proprietary AI uses cutting edge NLP algorithms you can’t find anywhere else. Our clients are are currently showing up to 3x improvements* and a healthy ROI after rolling out Swae. Welcome to the future of decision making…



Show me how Swae works

No two organisations are the same, so Swae is completely customisable to slide into your decision making process smoothly. Take a tour to help understand the Swae process. 


The Swae platform is intuitive and rewarding to help adoption into your existing processes. It works where you do to help capture ideas wherever they happen, and our guided methodology helps clarify the idea so it’s accessible to others. 

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Who Swae is for?

Swae’s customisable platform is adaptable to any industry or use case. If your organisation wants to increase it’s innovation performance, improve it’s diversity or measure it’s health you can connect with our team to see how the Swae platform can help. 


Startups & Teams

For teams big and small, that want to make more inclusive and intelligent decisions without complexity.

  • Distributed Decisions
  • Strategy
  • AI Augmentations
  • Structured Ideation


SMEs & Corporates

A collaboration platform for organizations that want to go beyond engagement surveys, to include their workforce in important and consequential decisions or those looking to improve culture and decisions quality without without complexity.


Cities & Governments

Swae helps civic employees and city planners tap into the power of collective decision-making to bring new levels of transparency, accountability and a solution-oriented approach to challenges within their communities.


NGOs & Charities

Swae is an ‘always-on’, global, cloud platform that lets people collaborate on ideas that will make a real difference in ways they never could before, fast-tracking the top ideas so they can be implemented where they are needed most.


Why is now the time for Swae?

Global trust is at all time lows, and with millennials & new values reshaping the workplace, the risk of overlooking diversity is more important than ever. Remote working is exploding but its problems arn’t being addressed, while disruption is killing mega corporations.

Swae helps solve that. Inclusion & diversity positively impacts the bottom line, innovative new strategy helps you stay competitive and implementing Swae can help kick start the change you need to see. 


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