How Swae works .v2

I wanted to welcome you to the, uh, deep funding program by singularity in that, uh, this is the platform you will come to to apply for grants from the things that are in that network.

Uh, and this platform is, uh, powered by sway. Uh, just wanted to give you a quick orientation so that you guys have a, a really great experience on your first goal.

So after, uh, logging in and hopefully successfully logging in to the platform, uh, you will arrive at a place like this.

And on the left side, you’ll see a bunch of buttons, a bunch of navigation buttons that you can go through and on your far, right, you’ll see a lot of personal preferences that you can sort of manage.

We have notifications on the right, uh, you have your profile, uh, where you can add photos and update here, here, handle and, and your, you know, location and all that sort of stuff.

Uh, any ideas that you’ve or proposals that you’ve bookmarked, uh, any activities that you’ve been already a part of, uh, and, uh, an area to go change your settings, your notifications, and other things.

Also, uh, the platform comes in six languages, but it’s been auto, uh, defaulted to the English language for, for this instance, uh, in the future, we may be able to be, be able to change this so that others can benefit from multiple languages.

Um, on the left side is where you can really navigate through the flow of the platform and, uh, the place where you get to see most of the action is in the feed.

Uh, now in the feed, uh, what you’ll see is, uh, kind of three different sections you’ll see right away the different missions or the big challenges that are being asked by the leadership in the, in the organization or in the, in this Dow or in this, in this, uh, you know, uh, entity, uh, on the right of that, you’ll see the leaderboard, meaning that the kinds of, you know, uh, folks that have been the most active inside the platform today, either collaborating and creating or voting, uh, on an, in this case kind of ranking proposals and below that you see the different proposals that are being generated and all, you know, all the different filters that you can filter those by.

Uh, you can also filter these proposals by the different missions. So if you’re someone that’s interested in coming in and kind of browsing around and, you know, uh, getting a feel for this, for the platform and sort of supporting, uh, some of the newer ideas on here, then, you know, feel free to hang out in the feed or go to the missions, check out the five, six different missions that exist and, you know, uh, take a look through and see if anything really catches your eye and, uh, and, you know, get involved in that way.

But, uh, if you’re somebody that, uh, actually wants to create a proposal, uh, then there’s an entire process for that, which will, uh, record a quick video for you on as well.

Um, there are two ways to sort of see where, you know, ideas are relative to the, the timeline or the completion process or decision-making process.

You can sort of track them in the feed and, and go into each mission, uh, and, and see, you know, uh, for example, uh, in this mission, you could see, you know, where the ideas are proposals are relative to the decision-making process, or you can go to the decisions tab and see, you know, again, where they are relative to, uh, the end of the process.

Most of the ideas that are coming onto the platform will be active until from my understanding, they go onto another platform for official voting.

I think what’ll happen here is that you’ll be using the tool to rank, uh, proposals. Uh, that’s it for now.

Um, I will, uh, record another video shortly. Thank you.


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