So if you’re not someone that wants to generate a proposal and you’re just interested in browsing and seeing what sort of on the platform then, uh, you effectively can go to either of these places, you can go to the feed where you see all of the, uh, missions that are currently kind of available for input.

You can see all of the, uh, proposals also that are available for, uh, collaboration and input as well. This is the sort of most efficient way of getting to where you want to get to.

Um, and you don’t, you just sort of open them up, uh, open up the proposals that speak to you or, or, you know, resonate with you.

And there’s three different ways. One can kind of collaborate. They can suggest an edit to the actual substance of the, the proposal they can challenge or suggest improvements to the writing.

They’re using the sort of a Google docs type of function. Uh, as I’m sort of showing they can add concerns, add questions, add strengths to this idea, depending on sort of their position or, uh, whatever they, they appreciate about this idea.

Uh, as you know, Robert and is not have done here, uh, they can also, you know, upvote, downvote had emojis, other sorts of stuff to other people’s, uh, existing ideas.

And you can vote on an idea and a voting again is non binary, meaning that you sort of show the degree to which you like or dislike an idea.

And we have, uh, the emojis or the sort of sections below to help guide you and to how, what your sentiment is really expressing that, uh, once you’re sort of comfortable with where you’re sitting in terms of your sentiment there, then you can submit the vote.

You can choose to be anonymous and press submit, and it’s a final vote. Uh, it won’t allow you to change your vote.

If you change your mind, the only circumstance under which you can change your mind is, uh, if the substance of the proposal changes by the proposal owner.

So he or she, in this case, Peter comes and changes some, some texts and other stuff than everyone that’s voted on the idea.

And on the proposal, we’ll get an email, uh, and we’ll be sort of invited back to change the proposal if they like.