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How to Raise a Support Ticket on Swae

If you’re navigating and trying to get the feel of things and, you know, something doesn’t work as you expected it to, or you you’re facing an issue that you didn’t expect to, you can always raise a support ticket on every single page.

Uh, this, this goes directly to our engineering team and, uh, you know, not to be, you know, abused, but we really welcome feedback and really welcome, um, constructive criticisms, uh, as well as, you know, bugs that you’re facing, trying to complete certain functions and tasks.

So you can raise a ticket here and we usually are pretty quick to respond. Um, it’s sort of volume dependent, dependent, but, uh, yeah, we, we really thrive in hearing from users on what’s happened.

If you have a sort of broader suggestion on, um, what you’d like to see happen on the platform, it’s not really a bug, but more like a, you know, a suggestion, then you’re welcome to go into the mission page here, uh, and go into this very specific mission on how can we improve sway.

I set up this mission. I’m, I’m keen to hear specific feedback from users on, you know, what sucks. What’s great, uh, what should be improved, what’s really preventing your usage, et cetera, et cetera.

And, um, yeah, uh, you can raise a proposal here. It takes screenshots, you know, record a loom video, however, is the most efficient way for you to raise that feedback.

We’d love to hear it. So anyways, that’s that, uh, hope you enjoy, uh, the suite experience. Uh, there is a how it works page that has a bit more details about, uh, the intention behind, uh, behind this platform and behind, uh, I think, uh, singularity nets use of ups way, uh, feel free to check it out.

Uh, hope you have a really great experience and looking forward to hearing from you. Cheers.


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