Rutanio adds Swae to facilitate Collaboration and Creation of great Community driven “Use Cases” for the Ruta token.

9 March 2022 | For Immediate Release

With Rutanio new Space for Decision Making now the Community has an intelligent decision-making platform that combines anonymity, artificial intelligence, and collective intelligence, to help the organizations unleash the creativity of their members and make better quality decisions.

“We’re in the middle of an irreversible social and cultural transformation, accelerated by new technologies and unreasonable entrepreneurs. We are transitioning from one strong set of operating assumptions about how to manage society, to a new, upgraded set”, said Soushiant Zanganehpour, Founder and CEO at Swae.

Swae Platform enables decision-making for future organizations. Their team started as a company to re-image organizational decision-making and build the operating system for future organizations. Rutanio’s partnership with Swae strengthened international cooperation between their communities and it offers members of the Rutanio community the opportunity to receive RUTA tokens for the execution of their projects.

With this new collaboration tool, members of the Rutanio community can now create great proposals anonymously with support of AI, and then improve the quality of those proposals with crowd input. Proposals are debated on their merits, collectively evolved, and voted on by all active members of the community. The proposals that receive the highest engagement (positive or negative) automatically percolate upwards to a decision by the Rutanio Community Council to fund the projects with RUTA tokens.

RUTA is a Complementary Digital Token for innovation, which allows and facilitates, both in public and private sectors, the exchange of services, support profit systems, eliminate friction in transactions and generate value in the knowledge and innovation economy.

The new Rutanio Space for Innovation helps our Community Council gather a greater level of truthful input, arguments, and data points to improve proposals to drive distribution and usability of Rutanio, without creating a tremendous burden of added work for the members”, added Felipe Cano, Rutanio Co-founder and Community Outreach Lead

About Swae

Swae is a collective decision-making software combining AI, anonymized identity and crowd-intelligence to help anyone, in any organization, have a constructive voice in decisions.

About Rutanio

Rutanio accelerates and connects communities and people around innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

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