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NGOs, Charities & Organisations

Get great ideas straight from your staff in the field

Unleash powerful ideas through bottom up innovation

When your staff can be spread across the world, in a variety of different and challenging situations, coming up with great new ideas can be hard.

As an ‘always-on’, global, cloud platform lets people collaborate on ideas in ways they never could before, fast-tracking the best ideas so they can be implemented where they are needed most. 



Leveraging the knowledge within your employee-base to develop an effective solution to a challenge within can be a daunting process.

NGOs and organisations spend an enormous amount of scarce management time using manual ideation processes – from suggestion boxes, to bulletin boards, to surveys – that are inefficient and leave many staff feeling vulnerable and exposed, resulting in low engagement overall.

See how NGOs & organisations can make meaningful change using Swae

Swae includes everyone in your organisation, no matter where they are in the world. Swae’s decision making process surfaces game-changing ideas based on meritocracy and the wisdom of the crowd.

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