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Smart Cities & Governments

Unleash powerful ideas from citizens and stakeholders through distributed input and transparent decision-making processes

For civic leaders and smart cities looking to tap into the distributed intelligence of their constituents and stakeholders, and engage people within your community to create previously unrevealed civic solutions and unimaginable new futures.


Leveraging the knowledge within your community to develop more effective urban policies or innovative solutions to new age challenges can be a daunting process.

Public leaders spend an enormous amount of resources collecting feedback, interpreting preferences and building consensus using a string of tools – from online surveys, to public consultations, workshops and participatory budgeting campaigns.

All of which produce variable results in making community members feel sufficiently heard, and helping delivery high quality solutions that are defensible and leverage the available collective intelligence within the community.


Swae helps civic leaders and city planners tap into the power of distributed intelligence for consensus building and collective decision-making to bring new levels of trust, transparency, accountability and a solution-oriented approach to challenges within communities. Swae provides an inclusive platform that automates this process, tapping into the wealth of knowledge cross-functionally in a transparent and meritocratic way, delivering well diligence and defensible solutions.


21st century digital public consultation (stakeholder consultation)


Inclusive Policy Making


Beyond engagement, digital participatory budgeting and policy design

See how cities and governments can get the best from Swae

Swae includes the entire spectrum of citizens in the decision making process to surface game-changing ideas based on meritocracy and the wisdom of the crowd.

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