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Unleash powerful ideas through distributed input and transparent decision-making processes

For globally distributed teams that want to align on important product, investment, policy, or strategy decisions together and want to collaborate more easily, make more inclusive and intelligent decisions without complexity.


Leveraging the knowledge within your team to develop an effective solution to a product, service or internal policy challenge can be a daunting process.

Teams spend an enormous amount of scarce time collecting feedback, aligning and building consensus using a string of tools – from email, to surveys, to online meetings and ideation retreats and workshops

All of which produce variable results in making team members feel sufficiently heard, and helping delivery high quality decisions that are defensible and leverage the available collective intelligence in the organization.

See how teams can get the best from Swae

Swae includes everyone in your team in the decision making process to surface game-changing ideas based on meritocracy and the wisdom of the crowd.

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