Hi, we’re team Swae!

We’re on a mission to bring all voices to the table and show every organization the power of collective intelligence from within.


We came together out of shared frustration in the lack of voice most people have with big decisions that significantly impact their lives. 

Lack of voice is all around us, with our customers, colleagues and citizens. We’re here to tackle the issue that millions experience, head on. 

Each one of us come from different backgrounds, but are connected by a motivation of having lived through poor decision-making processes.

Meet the core team

Swae is stacked with entrepreneurs, political scientists, philosophers, technologists spanning the idea management, innovation, governance, game theory, organizational change, and artificial intelligence space.

Soushiant Zanganehpour

Founder & CEO
Social Scientist & Entrepreneur (2x exits)
Chevening Scholar
Aspen Ideas Fellow
HBR Advisory Council
MIT Tech Review Global Advisory Panel

Dr Vlad Sokol

AI + Engineering
Award winning AI researcher in Computer Vision and Space Satellite Debris Detection
Ph,D. in Comp Sci & AI

anne connely

Anne Connely

Web3 & Blockchain
Expert strategist on Decentralization, Web3, Blockchain & Crypto
Author of Bitcoin and the future of Fundraising and Trust Graphic Novel

Sam Goult

Behavioural Science, Product, Design, UX, Marketing
Ex-Founder (Tech Hardware)
Business Strategist
Brand Builder

Deepak Ashwani

Founder (Dazin)
Award Winning Social Entrepreneur (Ashoka, Swedish Inst, GIZ)
Singularity U Alum

Dr Shahin Zanganehpour

Senior Software & AI Developer
Ph.D Neuroscientist
Data Scientist
Sr. Developer

Aubrey Smethurst

Customer Success
Revenue & Growth Strategist
Strategic Comms
Global Brand Builder 

Brentis Cooper

Serial Entrepreneur
Australia’s 20-under-20
Peter Thiel Fellow 

Pradheep Jayaraman

Lead Engineer & Team Lead
React Specialist
Project Management

Shailesh Thakur

React Specialist

Samarth Aithal

React Specialist
Analytics & Data Viz

Jitendra Singh

Senior Developer
React & Backend Specialist
Analytics & Data Viz



Advisory Board

William Eisenman

Product & Technology
Architect, Alom
Former Head of Engineering and Video Streaming Platform Inventor, Netflix
Angel Investor

Kent Langley

Data Science & Orgs
Co-Founder, OpenExO
Deep Tech Entrepreneur (1 exit, nScaled acquired by Acronis) 

David Orban

VC & Futurist
Managing Advisor, Beyond Enterprizes
VC @ Network Society Ventures
Founding Team, Singularity U

Dr Federico Ast

Collective Intelligence
Ph.D, Collective Intelligence & Decision Making
Globally recognized Blockchain Expert
Founder, Kleros

Robert Muggah

Deep Tech & Government
Global Expert Technology Applications & Smart Cities
Advisor to UN, WEF, World Bank, Google Fellow, Oxford University

Nathaniel Calhoun

Globally recognized Thought Leader on Applying exponential tech for Community Development & Self-sovereignty
Advisor to UN, Unicef, Gates Foundation, Singularity U

Cyrus Hodes

Advisor to UAE Minister of AI
Project Lead, Stanford Institute for Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence (HAI)
VC @ FoundersX Ventures

Amir Javidan

Ex-COO for TIO Networks (acquired by PayPal ~$304M)
Ex-Avigilon Exec (IPO; ~$1B)


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