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Inclusive Decision Making

The top strategic steps to empower inclusive leadership and drive smarter decisions in your organization

Find out how we helped decision making in some of the world’s best organizations

Decision making has been left behind by modern technology and processes. Read on so you don’t get left behind too

The Future of Work

Decision-making has been overwhelming to many companies for some time… and times have changed.

Why? The future of work is here.

Companies and teams all over the globe are having to adapt to the ever-increasing changes taking place. Hybrid and remote work arrangements are being created and setting your teams up for success is far from straightforward! 

Millions of workers around the world this past year have made a sudden shift. 

In this Swae Session, we will delve into some of the common causes as to why decision-making processes fail to meet the outcomes intended and create residual impacts that can impair performance of companies

If you: 

…Are responsible for creating this new hybrid work arrangement and want to learn how to become a more inclusive leader 

…Desire to uncover hidden biases and allow more voices to be heard 

…Are ready to unlock hidden insights and break down silos


You will learn:


How to Identify the Responsibilities of Leaders, Outline Clear Authority Responsibilities and Get Organized


Learn Why It’s Important to Stop Seeking Perfection and Learn to Be More Transparent


Why It’s Time to Invest in a Technology System that Will Help You Source, Organize, and Hear from More Voices in Your Organization


Why Tapping into “Office Politics” to Increase the Quality of Your Options to Reduce Bias is an Important Step to Breaking Down Silos


Free Tools to help your decision-making today

If you’re ready to go “beyond good intentions”

and create more inclusive processes

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Turn feedback into organizational change  

Swae is an AI-powered platform for collecting employee feedback and turning it into decisions and organizational change.

We help organizations discover hidden problems and crowdsource feedback and solutions from the employees directly from the bottom-up.


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