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Can Democracy Save the Environment

[A Talk to the Council of Europe & World Forum for Democracy]

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by Soushiant Zanganehpour @Soushiant

Founder & CEO of Swae

During this free webinar, you will learn:

Last year, The Council of Europe brought together CEOs, researchers and policy experts to analyse dimensions of the relationship between global environmental challenges, technology and democracy.

The unprecedented global ecological challenges posed by climate change and biodiversity loss, among others, raise a range of compelling questions about the intersections between these challenges, the uses and application of current and emerging technology, and the ability of democracies around the world to react effectively to these crises.

On the one hand, current and emerging technology present exciting new solutions to enable better collective responses to the climate and related ecological challenges. More, tailored software, using AI technology, may be used to engage citizens and enhance democratic decision-making around the world in connection with the global climate and ecological challenges, as some governments strive to ensure maximal citizen engagement in and commitment to the significant economic and social changes that may be necessary for sufficient climate/environmental action.

Soushiant Zanganehpour, Founder and CEO of Swae was invited to present his observations on the subject of “Can Democracy Save the Environment?”

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Thursday 4th August

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Live on Crowdcast and On Demand

Can Democracy save the Environment: A Talk to the Council of Europe & World Forum for Democracy


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