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Decentralized decision making made easy

Decentralized decision making made easy

Swae is the all-in-one decision making and governance tool empowering the next generation of Web3 DAO communities


Swae for DAOs & Decentralized governance

Swae is the all-in-one DAO Governance platform

The old way

A complex, disconnected, multi-faceted approach

Complex and confusing
Requires multiple platforms
Not designed for web3
DAO users overwhelmed & disengaged
Ideas & Data leakage
The Swae way

A single & transparent source of truth

1 Platform

Information well organized across Chats, Polls, and Proposals, Archives

AI + Collaboration refine Proposals to be the best they can be

DAO members gain an equal voice

Top ideas filtered from the noise using collective intelligence

At the moment, DAO communities don’t have streamlined and effective tools to help them make collective decisions & do governance easily…

Say hello to Swae...

Make the decisions that matter on Swae

You can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s tools. The future of DAO Governance is happening on Swae.


How Swae Works

The home of decision making

Set the agenda, participate, get great results.


End-to-end use cases for DAO problems

Multi use and customizable to your needs

Grant Funding

Resource Allocation



Policy Creation

And Iteration

Community Proposals

Innovation & Ideas

Token Holder Consultations

Member Engagement


Solve DAO challenges


Inclusive decision making made easy

Find out more about how Swae’s platform helps DAOs make smart decisions quickly and easily…


Internationally recognized as a pioneering governance and decision making platform


Tried, tested and trusted by some of the world’s most innovative organizations

Swae’s platform is the perfect decision-making protocol for the DAO age


What our clients are saying

“Swae’s bottom-up, self-organizing-creativity based philosophy has proved a great match for our decentralized cross-disciplinary organization. Their active embrace of web3 technologies promises to position them excellently as leaders in idea management for the emerging decentralized tech ecosystem.

We’ve started out at SingularityNET with Swae as a framework for a community-driven grants program, DEEP Funding, but are now exploring further potential uses of the platform within our ecosystem. The miracle of Swae is the judicious product design that provides enough structure to guide the creative collaboration and decision process, but not so much structure as to become constraining and bureaucratic.

My colleagues and I are excited to continue exploring what Swae can enable as the platform grows and adds new features.”

Dr Ben Goertzel CEO of SingularityNET

“Deep Funding is a very important initiative for SingularityNET and the growth of our AI platform. But it is more than that. I see Deep funding as a catalyst and experimentation ground for community governance.

We want Deep funding to become a true community driven initiative eventually evolving into a full DAO. Therefore I am extremely happy with the feature set and capabilities of Swae. We count ourselves lucky to have found such a great partner that feels like an extension of our own team.

With our joint collaborative and innovative approach and the constructive feedback of our community, I am confident we will be able to develop Swae even further into the best tool for governance processes of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.”

Jan Horlings, VP of Products at SingularityNET

Ready to see for yourself?

See how Swae can help your DAO today

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