Swae for DAOs & Decentralized governance

Smarter DAOs use decentralized decision making tools 

Stakeholders want a voice in decision making and transparency in how decisions are made. Swae helps innovative DAOs listen to these needs so they can reap the rewards of good ideas.

The simple way, is the smart way

The old way

A complex, disconnected, multi-faceted approach

The Swae way

A single & transparent source of truth

• Complex Process
• Data easily lost
• Uncertain Traceability
• Confusing Accountability
• Uncertain levels of Trust

• Streamlined Process
• Actionable Outcomes
• Traceable Accountability
• High Participation
• High Trust
• High Inclusivity

Engaging members transparently
is more important than ever 

Swae’s platform and Proposal development system can significantly improve the inefficiencies and poor user experience associated with raising, deliberating, and voting on Proposals using traditional tools like Discord, Discourse, Tally, Snapshot, Forums and the like.

Swae has a very streamlined and accessible format for Proposals that invites users to table ideas, and invites others to suggest edits, raise questions, point out any concerns and strengths, discuss and vote on the idea; all in one transparent, single source of truth.

It helps keep collective input manageable and traceable for helps you keep all your ideas well organized under various themes and challenges. 

Swae is the one decision, that can help improve every decision. 

How DAOs connect with their token holders using Swae

Grant & Funding Proposals

(Progressive Decentralization)

TOKEN HOLDER Consultations


Policy Creation & CHANGES

Decentralized Governance

Did you know there are 1.7M governance token holders

and 523k active voters in the DAO ecosystem

Feb 2022: Source deepdao.io

If you’re a DAO, we’re already speaking your language…

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an entity with no central leadership and work without traditional hierarchical management- that’s why we built Swae. DAOs are usually internet-native organizations, collectively owned and managed by their members, governed by a community organized around a specific set of rules, enforced with full transparency, inclusivity and accountability.

DAOs aren’t only about payment systems and other financial instruments, but reimagine how both the financial, consumer & corporate world operates.

DAOs aim to be governed by democratic or highly participatory processes, with decisions generally bring made from the bottom-up, via proposals the group proposes and votes on during a specified period.

Large blockchain-based ecosystems envision a future where groups coordinate remotely (and occasionally anonymously) irrespective of numerous social biases, relying exclusively on collaboration and decision making software.

That’s where Swae comes in….

Stay productive and aligned with all your members

Leverage the wisdom of crowds to let your members vote on the project’s roadmap and maintain governance over every proposal

Synthesize proposals

Align token holders around the big picture

Align on objectives

Evaluate opportunities faster

Strategize on what to invest budget into next

Reshape member expectations by transforming how they participate in complex decisions that affect them and the organization as a while.

Avoid creating policies and decisions in a vacuum

Quickly get and share important information

Evaluate and align, fast

Keep pace with the digital evolution of core DAO features

Swae is your trusted and secure partner for engaging all voices

Get productive member involvement with a fully transparent solution for trail-blazing ideas and voting on proposals, all while being protected by enterprise-grade security.

Demonstrate accountability
Tackle disengagement
Embrace a transparent digital solution
Foster Trust

Set the Mission, get decision-ready solutions

Set your token holders to task on your biggest (and smallest) challenges, and you’ll be amazed by the ideation and innovation within your municipality.

Testimonials from our partners bringing decentralized and community-led grant funding, policy creation, and governance to life with Swae

Swae Partners with the Igarapé Institute and the UN launching a global digital consultation to strengthen international cooperation.

“Swae is a critical platform to take these kinds of debates to the next level. Swae will not just help develop new ideas, it will also ensure a high degree of diversity and inclusion in the consultation itself.”

Robert Muggah

Founder, Igarape Institute

“Swae offers the possibility of bringing together representatives at different geographic locations. Moreover, Swae helps by supporting the collective, transparent, and anonymous discussion of CCL-related ideas among all representatives.”

Dr. Iván S. Razo-Zapata

COCOA Collaborative Innovation BV

Swae’s platform was used by Adapt Chile in a digital consultation engaging the Chilean Network of Municipalities on 6 new pillars of Chilean Climate Change Law.

Swae helped the Bosch Alumni Network use past awardees to crowdsource due diligence and determine future project funding.
“It had a clear signal to the community, this is what we need.
We want to have decisions that involve the perspectives of the community.”

Darius Polak

Managing Director

Bosch International Alumni Centre


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