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Post-pilot data and results reveal how EMC Insurance leveraged Swae in a 60-day pilot program to help their people express novel ideas, feel more included, and create deeper engagement across departments.

Swae is a platform where every team member can feel included!

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User



In Q1 of 2021, US-based EMC Insurance Companies launched a pilot program to test Swae’s platform with a subset of the company’s 2,500 employees. The goals were to (1) determine the usability and feasibility of Swae within EMC and (2) identify if Swae was the right platform for sharing ideas, spearheading implementation of those ideas and engaging employees and leaders throughout the process.

The pilot also served as a learning opportunity for our Swae team to stress-test certain assumptions in a short 60-day timeframe of this pilot.

Swae’s mission is to unleash the unheard voices within organizations to ensure that leaders can identify problems, reveal investable solutions, and better prioritize with feedback in order to reduce potential biases in important strategic decisions—all at a faster rate.

During this pilot, the Swae team tested the following aspects of the Swae feature set:

• Would access to our platform and feature set impact EMC’s employee engagement, motivation, morale, and happiness rates?

• Would access to our platform increase the number of voices heard, and would it provide employees with feelings of inclusivity, allowing them to have more of a voice inside the organization (over and above the existing platforms)?

• Would more voices expressing insights help decision-makers reveal business value through crowdsourcing efforts?

It was a good opportunity to have my voice heard!

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User


The pilot lasted 60 days and included over 100 employees.

Pilot participants were invited to respond to 4 distinct organizational challenges.

I want people to feel empowered and equal when presenting ideas and for all ideas to be treated with the same weight, not dismissed before review because of a preconceived bias about a person.

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User



proposals were crowdsourced and generated across the 4 Missions


of these proposals achieved the success metrics and engagement to graduate for a management review


of the pilot participants used Swae at least once during the pilot


of the pilot participants used Swae at least once per month, if not more.


On average, each pilot participant voted on at least 8 unique proposals throughout the duration of the pilot


On average, each pilot participant made at least 3 unique comments, suggestions or risks on proposals


of the pilot participants used Swae on at least once per day

Pilot Totals


Daily Active Users (DAU)


Monthly Active Users (MAU)


Total Users Engaged


Decision Ready Ideas Generated


Comments per User


Votes per User



Prior to the start, during, and immediately following the conclusion of the pilot, Swae’s user experience research team surveyed the EMC employees that participated to collect feedback on several parameters. The feedback covered the overall platform experience, frictions and feature improvement suggestion, to more conceptual topics such as the value of having a voice in the decision-making process, and the impact a platform like Swae can have on engagement, motivation and morale.

While the results are not scientifically defensible, the pilot program indicated that using Swae was a positive experience for users, with direct impact on:

• Employee’s ability to share their voice and ideas with their community beyond existing collaboration tools and processes available to them

EMC employees’ level of engagement, motivation and happiness.

Fifty-eight out of 100 pilot users responded to the first pre-pilot baselining survey, fifty-three out of 100 pilot users responded to the second mid-pilot user experience survey, and twenty-four out of 100 pilot users responded to a post-pilot survey.

Notable findings from the mid and post pilot surveys include:

92% – Ideas uncovered due to Swae

92% of pilot users surveyed said that Swae helped them more easily surface and discuss ideas that would not have otherwise surfaced using other collaboration channels that are currently available within the organization.

95% Swae helped to convey ideas better

95% of pilot users surveyed said Swae helped them convey ideas or changes they wanted to see at EMC better than other collaboration channels and tools currently available at EMC.

96% Swae increased engagement, motivation or hapiness

96% of pilot users surveyed said that having a chance to share ideas and collaborate on important decisions through Swae’s platform increased their engagement, motivation or happiness as an EMC team member

88% – Easy to share ideas and voice

of pilot users surveyed said that Swae’s platform made it easy for them to share their voice as an employee at EMC and made sharing ideas more accessible to the whole community.

7.4/10 Overall Platform Experience

Pilot users rated the Swae platform a 7.4 out 10 for overall platform experience (across both mid and post-pilot survey respondents)

Anonymity benefits

The majority of pilot users surveyed expressed appreciation for the anonymity Swae offers


The pilot was successful in demonstrating that the Swae platform enabled users to share ideas and engage with team members and leaders across the company.

Pilot users had opportunities to share improvement requests and suggestions to Swae’s existing UI, UX, and feature set. These requests have been carefully considered and some are being prepared for release in the near future.

How can help your Organization

Gaining insights and experience from past pilots has shown that when leaders implement Swae, they discover problems they didn’t even know existed within their own organization.

What this allows is creativity to be unleashed and allows more of their own people to come together in bigger ways to solve the organization’s challenges, come up with cool ideas to innovate, and so much more.

Swae’s platform helps drive workplace improvement and innovation strategy which can transform the way leaders include others to prioritize challenges and source potential solutions from people that haven‘t had the opportunity to share their voice.


How Swae contributed to an evolving-culture

It gave other people a platform to express their ideas. The platform [Swae] would help foster a culture of open sharing of ideas.

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User

The platform acted as a tool to empower me to provide ideas to team members I would not typically interact with during a normal workday. It also allowed me to see other viewpoints through positive dialog.

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User

How Swae contributed to improving inclusivity
SWAE was an excellent way for numerous EMC team members to reach out and speak up about different ways to improve EMC Insurance

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User

I want people to feel empowered and equal when presenting ideas and for all ideas to be treated with the same weight, not dismissed before review because of a preconceived bias about a person.

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User

How Swae helped further enterprise-wide collaboration
It’s very encouraging to have a transparent opportunity to present proposals and to see healthy debate occurring on them.

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User

We have no other platform to share ideas [like Swae]. I see the potential with this platform to break down ideas into departments as well as corporate-level projects.

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User

How Swae helped unearth hidden innovation ideas
It gave me a formal place to express my ideas without having to search around for the right person to pitch my ideas to.

EMC Insurance Swae Pilot User


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